Senior Reimbursement Consultant


Educated at Providence College, with a degree in Political Science, Robert H. Tessier earned his Master of Public Health (MPH) degree in 1972, with a concentration in Health Planning, at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.


Shortly after joining the Massachusetts firm, Professional Management Services, Bob became Director of Consulting. He focused on hospital and third party negotiations, as well as the development of complex practice plans.

Working as Reimbursement Consultant to a number of state societies, he was able to obtain favorable financial arrangements. The 70’s were spent handling Radiology projects throughout the US.

In 1982, Bob established HBP Services. They were retained by Cornell/New York Hospital to set up the first private practice in NYC. A subsequent engagement at Yale Pathology included third party negotiations on behalf of the Connecticut State Pathology Society.

HBP actively manages successful pathology groups in a number of states.


Specific skills include:

  • Hospital Part A Support with Performance Incentives
  • Hospital-Pathology Joint Ventures
  • Third Party Negotiations and Selective Contracting
  • Fair Market Value Studies for Technical Services
  • Develop of Regional Pathology Groups
  • Hospital/Medical School/Private Practice Plans
  • Hospital/Revenue Maximization for PCCP Billing
  • Valuations for Buy In/Buy Out Arrangements
  • Compensation Models

Major Accomplishments

  • Provided direction to the Connecticut Society of Pathologists’ Task Force to enact Direct Billing Legislation (passed July, 2009).
  • Negotiated with a major commercial insurance carrier generating $1.5M in professional and global payment improvement over 5 years.
  • Eliminated a challenge to referred GI business that saved the Pathologists and their Hospital $1.6M per year in cash.
  • Negotiated Global Billing for referred services with a net improvement to the Pathologists of $500,000 per year.
  • As former CEO of Pathology & Lab Services, a joint venture Cytology laboratory, provided 120,000 Pap and Molecular services on a wholesale basis.
  • Increased income for four clients billing the professional component of clinical pathology (PCCP) by $1.8M per year (2014).
  • Evaluated Part A support for a major hospital system over each of the three contract cycles (total of 9 years 2014).
  • Consulted a major teaching hospital on Part A support with detailed comparisons to other academic medical centers (2015).
  • Developed a reputation for fair and balanced advice to a variety of clients including commercial labs, hospital systems and private Pathology groups.


Mr. Tessier continues working on the development of regional alliances. This includes:

  • Strategic planning
  • Retreats, both practice and development
  • Joint ventures
  • The development of creative revenue models and unique Hospital arrangements are ongoing assignments.


For a complete list of Bob’s presentations and webinars:

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